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  • Contact us; keep trying till we return your request! Each case will be different. Remain calm, this is a normal Honey Bee process and the bees are not ‘Out to get you’, they are trying to survive. They reproduce by ‘Swarming’ or they are trying to find a safer, more productive range in which to settle. If you have honey bees that have ‘Moved In’, contact us. This is always a slower judgement call; we do not need to rush anything. The bees have found a home and if you do not want them there, we can help. We will try to give you as many options as we can.

  • How is honey produced from a single specifc floral source? Bees love to be as productive as possible. If they are placed within an orange grove, we can be certain that they are collecting the nectar of those orange blossoms, yielding a very special result! Weather, climate, and geographic locations are all factors that lead to different honey qualities produced every year. The same orange grove one year may not produce identical honey the following year. Each honey in its purest form has its own specifc color, bouquet and flavor.

  • Honey bees pollenate a large amount of our food crops & without them less food will be available.

  • Most natural honey will crystallize at some point. Crystallized is the correct word. Not ‘sugared’. Not ‘gone bad’. And, honey doesn’t spoil. Honey has been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt and it was still edible! What to do? If you prefer honey in a liquid state? Warm it slowly (in a microwave should be your last choose) , place it in a warm oven or in a pan of hot (not boiling) water. Take care not to overheat your honey.

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