May 13, 2018

Equipment List

Spring 2019 Order List
Plywood top, telescoping8 frame$20
Add AluminumTBD
Inner cover8 frame$15
Medium super8 frame$15
Brood box8 frame$17
Bottom board8 frame$15
Above available in 10 frame @ $2.00 added per each hive section
Assembled frames1 pc/ 8 pc2.25/$18
Wire and starter wax strip per super frameEach$4.00 ea.
Complete W/W w/found strip per deep frameEach$5.00
Complete 8 frame hiveSingle Deep$100
Complete 10 frame hiveSingle Deep$125
Complete bait hive8 frame w/1 comb & Hormone$100 start
Complete 8 frame super$55
Complete 8 frame brood box$61
Swarm removalN/ATBD
Hive rescue/cut outN/ATBD
Private pollination$150 start
Pollen Collection$150 start
TBD=To Be Determined